Association of Agrometeorologists

Best Paper Award

 Dr S Venkataraman awards for best paper on “Biotic and abiotic stress management

YearAuthors nameTitle of papers, journal name
2023Prasanta Neog, R. K. Goswami, D. Saikia, N. Gogoi and M. K. KalitaResponse of modified microclimates on growth, yield, and incidence of rhizome rot disease of ginger in Assam, India
International Journal of Biometeorology
2022Abdus Sattar and R. C. SrivastavaModelling climate smart rice-wheat production system in the middle Gangetic plains of India
Theoretical and Applied Climatology
2021Tejaswini C. Rangaswamy, Shankarappa Sridhara, Nandini Ramesh, Pradeep Gopakkali, Diaa O. El-Ansary, Eman A. Mahmoud, Shaimaa A. M. Abdelmohsen, Ashraf M. M. Abdelbacki, Hosam O. Elansary and Amal M. Assessing the Impact of Higher Levels of CO2 and Temperature and Their Interactions on Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)
Plants (2021) 10:256, DOI-
2015Poly Saha and Srikantha DasInfluence of weather parameter and different host plant nutrition sources on development of early blight of Totato predicted using Logistic and Gompertz model.
J. Mycol Plant Pathol, Vol 44, No.2.
2013Sevak Das, Vyas Pandey, H.R. Patel and K. I. PatelEffect of weather parameters on pest-disease of okra during summer season in middle Gujarat
Journal of Agrometeorology 13 (1): 38-42 (June 2011)


YearAuthors nameTitle of papers, journal name
2023Nishigandha Kakati, Rajib Lochan Deka, Parishmita Das, Jogesh Goswami, Punya Gogoi Khanikar and Hemanta SaikiaForecasting yield of rapeseed and mustard using multiple linear regression and ANN techniques in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam, North East India
Theoretical and Applied Climatology
2022P. Vijaya Kumar, Santanu Kumar Bal, Rajkumar Dhakar, M. A. Sarath Chandran, A. V. M. Subba Rao, V. M. Sandeep, V. P. Pramod, S. N. Malleswari, G. Sudhakar, N. S. Solanki, H. S. Shivaramu, M. M. LunagaAlgorithms for weather-based management decisions in major rainfed crops of India: Validation using data from multi-location field experiments
Agronomy Journal
2021Suman Samanta, Saon Banerjee, Asis Mukherjee, Pulak K. Patra and Pramiti K. ChakrabortyDetermining the radiation use efficiency of potato using sunshine hour data: A simple and costless approach
Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research, (2020) 18(2):e0801, DOI-
2018P. Raja, Nilendu Singh, C. V. Srinivas, Mohit Singhal, Pankaj Chauhan, Maharaj Singh and N. K. Sinha Analyzing energy–water exchange dynamics in the Thar desert.
Climate Dynamics, (2018) 50: 3281-3300, DOI 10.1007/s00382-017-3804-9

 Best paper published in the Journal of Agrometeorology.

YearAuthors nameTitle of papers, journal name
2018P.A. ABDUL NIYAS, V. SEJIAN1, M. BAGATH, S. PARTHIPAN, SELLAPPAN SELVARAJU, G. B. MANJUNATHAREDDY, E.K. KURIEN, GIRISH VARMA And R. BHATTAEffect of heat and nutritional stress on growth and testicular HSP70 expression in goats
Journal of Agrometeorology (2017), Vol. 19(3): 189-194.
2018CHITRA SHUKLA, S. R. BHAKAR and S.S. LAKHAWATDevelopment of the crop coefficient for capsicum (Capsicum annum L.) under protected structures
Journal of Agrometeorology (2016), Vol. 18(2): 258-260
2018S.K. JALOTA and B.B. VASHISHT3. Adapting cropping systems to future climate change scenario in three agro-climatic zones of Punjab, India
Journal of Agrometeorology (2016), Vol. 18(1): 48-56.
2016Shraddha Rawat A.S. Nain Sumana RoyBiometeorological aspects of conception rates in cattle.
Journal of Agrometeorology (2014), Vol. 16(1): 116-120.
2016A. Abdul Haris V. Chhabra B.P. Bhatt A. K. SikkaYield and duration of potato crop in Bihar under projected climate scenario.
Journal of Agrometeorology (2015), Vol. 17(1): 67-73
2013D.R. Murumkar, D. V. Indi, M. A. Gud, S. K. Shinde, J.D. Jadhav, V.R. Bavdekar and J.R. KadamWeather based forewarning model for Alternaria leaf spot of safflower in scarcity zone of Maharashtra.
Journal of Agrometeorology (2013), Vol. 15(1): 66-70
2013B. Bapuji Rao, V.M. Sandeep, P. Shantibhushan Chowdary, V.P. Pramod and V.U.M. RaoReference evapotranspiration over India: a comparison of estimates from open pan with Penman-Monteith method.
Journal of Agrometeorology (2013), Vol. 15(2): 108-114
2013G. Pranuthi, Sunil Kumar Dubey and S.K. TripathiComparison of different models for estimation of net primary productivity in India.
Journal of Agrometeorology (2012), Vol. 14(2): 105-110
2011A.V.M.S. Rao, T. Satyanarana, G. G. S. N. Rao, V. U. M. Rao, D.V.Bhaskara Rao, N. Manikandan, P. S.B. Chowdary, V. Ravikumar and Y.S. RamakrishnaUtilization of high resolution short range weather forecast for agro-advisory services.
Journal of Agrometeorology, Vol. 12(2): 229-233
2011K K Singh, R K Mall, R S Singh and A K SrivastavaEvaluation of CANEGRO Sugarcane model in East Uttar Pradesh, India.
Journal of Agrometeorology, Vol. 12(2): 181-186
2011Joydeep Mukherjee, Lakhwinder Singh, Gurjot Singh, S. K. Bal, Harpreet Singh and Prabhjyot KaurComparative evaluation of WOFOST and ORYZA 2000 models in simulating growth and development of rice in Punjab.
Journal of Agrometeorology Vol. 13(2): 86-91
2009M. Shamim, A M Shekh, V J patel, J F Dodia, D M Korat and A M MehtaEffect of weather parameters on population dynamics of green leaf hopper and white backed plant hopper in paddy grown in middle Gujarat region.
Journal of Agrometeorology Vol 11(2), Dec. 2009
2009Surendra Singh Diwan Singh and VUM RaoSeedling establishment of chickpea cultivars in varying sowing environments under field conditions.
Journal of Agrometeorology Vol. 11(2): Dec. 2009
2009A. Mukherjee, S Banerjee and S SarkarProductivity and radiation use efficiency of tea grown under different shade trees in the plain land of West Bengal.
Journal of Agrometeorology Vol. 10(2), Dec. 2008
2007Gouranga Kar and M. MarthaClimate risk sensitivity livelihood matrix in Bay of Bengal coast of India.
Journal of Agrometeorology,Vol.8 (1), 2006