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Peer review is an essential ingredient of the academic publishing process. By registering as a reviewer, you are supporting the academic community by providing constructive feedback on original and novel research, helping to ensure both the quality and integrity of published work in your research field of specialization pertaining to scopes of Journal of Agrometeorology. Once registered, you may be asked to undertake reviews of scholarly articles/manuscripts that match your research interests.

Reviewer(s) always has the option to send regrets to an invitation to review and we will take care not to overstrain our reviewer(s) with too much request(s).

You may send your willingness of becoming a reviewer for manuscripts/research articles for consideration to be published in the Journal of Agrometeorology. The format of application is attached herewith. The willingness/request duly signed may be sent by email to with a copy to

Your scholarly contribution for the purpose will be due fully acknowledged in the Journal of Agrometeorology and the reviewers who complete 5+ quality reviews may be provided a Certificate of Recognition/appreciation.