Association of Agrometeorologists

 Review System

Peer Review System

The articles received by the editorial office through online system ( are initially screened and if found not as per guidelines or out of scope of the Journal of Agrometeorology, are rejected without review. After initial screening, it is assigned to a theme Editor for further processing. Each article is sent to 2 independent reviewers for peer review. The journal follows the double-blind review process in which authors and reviewers’ names are not disclosed. Hence, authors names, affiliations and other potentially identifying information are removed from the text of the manuscript before sending it to the reviewers.  

Reviewers are expected to respond to the editor's request within a week time (7 days) to accept or decline the request and if the request is accepted, 4-week time (28 days) to submit the reviewers’ comments. Any delay in the time lines, the reminders are sent. If any reviewer declines the request or does not respond to the request, the manuscript is withdrawn and is sent to the third reviewer.

The guidelines for the reviewers are provided. Reviewers are requested to submit the detail comments in space provided “For Authors and Editor”. A separate space is provided for specific comments “For Editor only”. Reviewer is also advised to add the comments, if he/she wishes, on the manuscript in Review track mode and upload the file.

After receiving the comments from both reviewers, the manuscript is sent to author for modification along with the reviewer's comments. Authors are also advised to adheres  to the guidelines on presentation of title, affiliations, present address, abstract, scientific nomenclature, text and reference presentation etc as per journal style in the online system as well as on the manuscript.

If the reports of both referees disagree with regard to the suitability of the paper for publication, the editor gives his/her own remark over and above the reviewer’s comments. The article is rejected on the basis of comments of reviewer(s).

The revised manuscript submitted by the Author along with the reply of author to comments of reviewers, is again sent to one of the reviewers for checking and verifying the modification made by the author. The favourable comments received from the reviewer on the revised manuscript is taken into consideration for accepting the manuscript.

The manuscript is again sent to the Author if reviewer/editor ask for inclusion of more information in the form of table, figs or references etc.

Editor's decision independently or in consultation with editorial board, is final.

Journal of Agrometeorology holds the right to edit in or out the comments in a review report if the Editor-in-Chief finds the use of an offensive language or the disclosure of confidentiality. Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to reject a paper at any stage without assigning the reason and his decision would be final.