Association of Agrometeorologists



Members of the Association shall be of the following categories:

  1. Annual Member
  2. Life Member
  3. Student Member
  4. Foreign Member
  5. Institutional Member
  6. Corporate Member
  7. Associate Member
  8. Patron
  9. Honorary Fellow

Annual Member: Any person associated with research, teaching, application, and promotion of Agrometeorology (and having a graduate degree in Agriculture, Science, Technology or related field) is eligible to apply for membership after paying requisite amount of admission and membership fees and agree to abide to the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association. A member will be entitled to the rights and privileges of the Association as follows:

    1. To be present and vote in the general body meeting of the Association.
    2. To participate in all technical meetings of the Association.
    3. To propose names of candidates for the elected Council members and office bearers of the Association and to vote in any election held by the Association.
    4. To receive bulletins, journals and other publications issued by the Association on such terms and conditions as laid down by the Executive Council.
    5. To be considered for award of Association Fellowships on nomination within the Association procedur
    6. The council may waive requirements of a degree in special and deserving cases.
    7. Membership will be valid till end of the financial year of registration.

Life Member: Any person eligible to apply for annual membership may choose to apply for being a Life Member after paying the requisite amount of fee. A Life Member shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges as a member throughout his/her life. In addition he/she will be entitled to receive a ‘Life Membership’ Certificate and shall be eligible to hold elective office of the Association.

Student Member: A student registered in a graduate/post graduate course at an educational institution affiliated to a university or enjoying status of a deemed university as approved by the University Grants Commission, can be enrolled as a "Student Member' on payment of requisite fee and admission fee. He/she should not be drawing any salary or emoluments other than a scholarship or fellowship. A student member will not have the right to vote or to hold elective office in the Association. He/she will, however, be eligible to participate in all activities of the Association. A student member can become a regular member by paying regular membership fee. He will not have to pay admission fee again for membership.

Foreign Member: Any person who is residing outside India and who is otherwise eligible to become a Member can be enrolled as Foreign Annual member or Foreign Life member on payment of requisite fee and admission fee. A foreign Member shall have same rights and privileges as a Member except the right to hold elective office. However, the council may at its discretion co-opt a foreign member into council.

Institutional Member: Any institution or a recognized statutory body, a Department of the Central or the State government or a Registered Commercial or Industrial undertaking or a registered NGO interested in agrometeorological science and agreeing to promote the aims and objectives of the Association and to assist financially in the work of the Association shall be eligible to become an Institutional Member on payment of requisite fee and admission fee. An institutional member has the right to nominate one of their employees as a representative member of the Association. An Institutional member from Industries shall be given opportunity to have approved exhibits at the meeting of the Association at concessional rates. An Institutional Member shall have right to vote and shall not be eligible for holding an elective office of the Association.

Corporate Member: Corporate members are from Industrial and Commercial Organizations and from NGO’s. The Corporate member shall not have any right to vote or hold an elective office of the Association.

Associate Member: A person having interest in the science of agrometeorology and who is otherwise not eligible for membership as described above may be admitted as an Associate member on payment of requisite fee and admission fee. Associate member will not have the right to vote and also will not have the right to hold elective office.

Patron: A person who is interested in the aims and objects of the Association and makes a donation of a substantial sum to the Association will, at the discretion of the council, be admitted as Patron. Patron will have voting right but cannot hold any office.

           Honorary Fellow: As described in Article 6.1 Honorary Fellows and Fellows of the Association will be commonly referred to as Fellows of the Association.

The amount of admission fee and annual subscription for Institutional Members, Annual Members, Student Members, Foreign members and Associate Members as well as lump sum payment for Patron and Life members will be prescribed by the Annual General Body Meeting on proposal from the Council.

All the members of the Association shall endeavor to foster common interests of the Society, the science and allied sciences and profession of Agrometeorology. 

The last known address of a Member shall be considered as a valid mailing address for correspondence by the Association. Members should ensure that their addresses are kept up to date.