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Weather-based brown planthopper prediction model at Mandya, Karnataka


Relationship of weather parameters was explored withpeaks of brown planthopper (BPH)light trap catch data collected at Mandya (Karnataka) during 1990-2006. Peaks of BPH trap catches, observed between October 4thweekand November 3rd week during different years, exhibited significant correlation with Tmax, RH1 and RH2 of October 2nd week, rainfall (RF)of July 2nd week, SSH of October 1st week and Tmin of August 2nd week. Weather-based prediction model for BPH was developed by regressing peaks of BPHlight trap catcheson mean values ofdifferent weather parameters. Of the weather parameters, only Tmax, RF and RH2 were found to be relevant through stepwise regression.Model was validated through 5-year (2002-2006) independent data withR2=0.845 and RMSE=7.64%.

Brown planthopper, light trap catches, regression model, rice, weather parameters