Association of Agrometeorologists

Variability of potential evapotranspiration and moisture conditions in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh


In the present study, evapotranspiration and moisture adequate index for the 37 mandals of the Srikakulam district for the year 2018 has been estimated. The PET values were very high in the summer season of all the mandals than in the other seasons. The normal PET values were lower than that of the actual PET values showing location specific and better estimation characteristics. This estimation of location-specific PET can be helpful for the drought classification and water management planning within the district. Moisture adequate index of all the mandals has indicated that the district as a whole has a humid/temperate climate; but within the district, mandals report different conditions. This makes it a more relevant tool for drought, microclimatic classification and annual water planning for sustainable agriculture.
Evaporation, moisture adequate index, humid, microclimate