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Impact of temperature increase on performance of kharif rice at Kalyani, West Bengal using WOFOST model


WOFOST model (version 7.1.2) was used to study the impacts of elevated thermal environment on kharif rice at Kalyani situated in lower Gangetic region of West Bengal. The model was calibrated and validated with experimental data collected during kharif season of 2010 to 2013. The simulated yield data was well matched with actual data. The sensitivity analysis for effect of temperature change on crop maturity showed that if temperature was increased by 10C and 20C the maturity period was delayed by 3 and 7 days respectively. The range of simulated yield was 3150 kgha-1 to 5046 kg ha-1 whereas the actual yield in the experimental field ranged from 2907 kg ha-1 to 5495 kg ha-1. The model shows 96 per cent accuracy to predict rice yield with R2 value 0.82 and RMSE value 337.87. It was also observed that the sowing should be done before 15th July to obtain higher yield of kharif rice in the study region.

Crop simulation model, WOFOST, kharif rice, yield, temperature