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The Journal of Agrometeorology (ISSN 0972-1665) , is a quarterly publication of Association of Agrometeorologists, Anand, Gujarat, India, appearing in March, June, September and December. Since its beginning in 1999 till 2016, it was a half yearly publication appearing in June and December. The journal publishes original articles, full length papers, short communications, and review articles in addition to invited papers in English only. The research contributions are published after peer review and approved by the Editorial Board. In addition to regular issues, Association also brings out the special issues of the journal covering selected papers presented in seminar symposia organized by the Association.

The authors are advised to prepare the manuscript as per guidelines to authors and submit for consideration for publication in the journal. It is mandatory for the authors to be member of Association of Agrometeorologists; however, becoming member does not guarantee the publication of paper in the journal.

The journal is being indexed in most of the scientific indexing services and has its increasing impact factor since 2008.

Scimago Journal & country ranking SJR (2019) = 0.27; IF (2019)=0.528

SCIJOURNAL.ORG IF (2019) = 0.528 IF (2019/ 2020) = 0.469

Academic accelerator  Journal impact (2020) = 0.469

The NAAS rating of the journal for year 2021 is 6.47

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Current Issue

Journal of Agrometeorology

Volume 23 (1) March, 2021

Research Paper

  • Effect of elevated temperature on green gram [Vigna radiata (I).Wilczek] performance under temperature gradient tunnel (TGT) environment in Punjab / HARPREET SINGH, PRABHJYOT KAUR, S.K. BAL* and B.U. CHOUDHURY  
  • Assessing water requirement of orange trees using sap flow measurements in Narkhed-Pandhurna critical zone observatory (CZO) in central India / ASHUTOSH KUMAR MISHRA, PARAS R. PUJARI, SHALINI DHYANI, PARIKSHIT VERMA, RAMESH JANIPELLA, PANDURANG BALWANT, SAPTARSHI D. PURKAYASTHA, RAFAT QUAMAR and JYOTHI VELIGETI  
  • An assessment of water footprint for irrigated rice in Punjab / B.S. SIDHU*, RAKESH SHARDA and SANDEEP SINGH  
  • Influence of seedling age on growth, productivity and heat use efficiency of rice genotypes in North West India / BUTA SINGH DHILLON, GURPREET KAUR, G.S. MANGAT and PRABHJYOT-KAUR  
  • Effect of heat stress on yield and economics of rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars under different sowing dates / S.MOHAPATRA, S.K.TRIPATHY*, A.K.MOHANTY and S.TRIPATHY  
  • Evaluating gladiolus varieties for off-season planting using agro-meteorological indices / KIRANJEET KAUR DHATT* and SHALINI JHANJI  
  • Influence of weather parameters on alternaria leaf blight severity of makhana under the agro-climate of Koshi region of Bihar / SANTOSH KUMAR*, MD. NADEEM AKHTAR, SANTOSH KUMAR, MAHESH KUMAR and TRIBHUWAN KUMAR  
  • Prediction of mango hopper, Idioscopus nitidulus (Walker) using hybrid modelling in Konkan region / A. Y. MUNJ*, V. N. JALGAONKAR, B. R. SALVI, A. L. NARANGALKAR, J. S. CHOUDHARY, MADHUMITA KUMARI, S.S. MALI and BIKASH DAS
  • Crop-weather based relation and severity prediction of aerial blight incited by Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn in soybean / PAWAN K. AMRATE, M. K. SHRIVASTAVA and D.K. PANCHESHWAR  
  • Future scenarios of rice brown plant hopper Nilaparvata lugens (Stal.) under changing climate / S. VENNILA, SHABISTANA NISAR, A. ISLAM, M.N. BHAT, SANJAY SHARMA, P.S. SARAO, ANANDHI P., M.SRINIVASA RAO and M. PRABHAKAR  
  • Assessment of climate change impact on different pigeonpea maturity groups in north Indian condition / M.K. YADAV*, C. PATEL, R.S. SINGH1, K.K. SINGH, R. BALASUBRAMANIAN, R.K. MALL, M.K. SINGH, S.M. SINGH and S.K.YADAV  
  • Delineation of maize growing areas vis-à-vis climate and technology using statistical and geospatial techniques in Punjab / GURPREET KAUR, SOM PAL SINGH*, R.K. SETIA and P.K. KINGRA
  • Rice yield forecasting using agro-meteorological variables: A multivariate approach / GURMEET NAIN, NITIN BHARDWAJ, P.K. MUHAMMED JASLAM*, CHANDER SHEKHAR DAGAR and ANURAG  
  • Forecasting rice yield through modified Hendrick and Scholl technique in the Brahmaputra valley of Assam / SUMPI CHUTIA, R.L. DEKA, J. GOSWAMI and MANASHI H. PHUKON  
  • Assessing the agroclimatic potentiality in Indian Sundarbans for crop planning by analyzing rainfall time series data / ARGHA GHOSH*, MANOJ KUMAR NANDA, DEBOLINA SARKAR, SUKAMAL SARKAR, KOUSHIK BRAHMACHARI and KRISHNENDU RAY  
  • Wheat yield prediction in relation to climatic parameters using statistical model for Ludhiana district of central Punjab / MAHESH CHAND SINGH*, VAJINDER PAL, SOMPAL SINGH and SANJAY SATPUTE