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 Journal of Agrometeorology

The Journal of Agrometeorology (ISSN 0972-1665) , is a quarterly publication of Association of Agrometeorologists appearing in March, June, September and December. Since its beginning in 1999 till 2016, it was a half yearly publication appearing in June and December. In addition to regular issues, Association also brings out the special issues of the journal covering selected papers presented in seminar symposia organized by the Association. The journal is being indexed in most of the scientific indexing services and has its increasing impact factor since 2008. The NAAS rating of the journal for year 2020 is 6.64

The journal publishes original articles, full length papers, short communications, and review articles in addition to invited papers in English only. The research contributions are published after peer review and approved by the Editorial Board. The authors are advised to prepare the manuscript as per guidelines to authors and submit for consideration for publication in the journal. It is mandatory for the authors to be member of Association of Agrometeorologists; however, becoming member does not guarantee the publication of paper in the journal. The journal can be subscribed by Libraries/Institutions annually by paying requisite amount of subscription fee.

Latest Journal

Journal of Agrometeorology

Volume 21 (4) December , 2019

Research Paper

  • Impact of temperature humidity index (THI) on physiological responses and milk yield of Tharparkar and Karan Fries cows exposed to controlled environment / S.V. Singh, Yogendra Kumar and Sunil Kumar  
  • Elevated CO2 ameliorate the negative effects of high temperature on groundnut (Arachis hypogaea)- Studies under free-air temperature elevation / M. Vanaja, P. Sathish, N. Jyothi Lakshmi, G. Vijay Kumar, P. Vagheera, Ch. Mohan, S.K. Yadav, B. Sarkar, M. Maheswari and K. Sammi Reddy  
  • Development and application of SPI generator using open source for analyzing drought at a varying time scale / T. Rajasivaranjan, N.R. Patel, A. Ponraj, V. Kumar and U. Surendran  
  • Evaluation of crop water demand for sustainable crop production using geospatial tools in a canal command of West Bengal / Laishram Kanta Singh, Madan K. Jha, V.M. Chowdary and Srikanta Sannigrahi  
  • Quantile mapping for improving precipitation extremes from regional climate models / Satyanarayana Tani and Andreas Gobiet  
  • Impact of climate on Spot Blotch (Bipolaris sorokiniana) severity on wheat (Triticum aestivum) crop over Eastern Gangetic Plains (EGP) of India / C.K. Singh, R. Chand, V.K. Mishra, G. Sonkar and R.K. Mall  
  • Assessing the impact of climate change on crop yields in Gangetic Plains Region, India / Naveen P. Singh, Surendra Singh, Bhawna Anand and P.C. Ranjith  
  • Bayesian discriminant function analysis based forecasting of crop yield in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh / Vandita Kumari, Kaustav Aditya, Hukum Chandra and Amarender Kumar  
  • Mitigating future climate change effects on wheat and soybean yields in Central region of Madhya Pradesh by shifting sowing dates / Ankit Balvanshi and H. L. Tiwari  
  • Modeling of climate change in cold arid regions of north western Himalayas using multiple linear regression (MLR) / Junaid N. Khan, Asima Jillani, Syed Rouhullah Ali, Zarka Rashid Zikra Rehman and Ifra Ashraf  
  • Damage assessment of chilli thrips using high resolution multispectral satellite data / Mathyam Prabhakar, Merugu Thirupathi, G. Srasvan Kumar, U. Sai Sravan, M. Kalpana, K.A. Gopinath and N. Ravi Kumar  
  • Weather based pest forewarning models for mealybug infestation in Robusta coffee (Coffea canephora) / M. Jayakumar and M. Rajavel  
  • Prediction of Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) larval population using weather based forewarning model in soybean / Ram Manohar Patel, A.N. Sharma and Purushottam Sharma  
  • Influence of temperature on spinosad toxicity in different populations of Plutella xylostella (Linnaeus) / Anureet Kaur Chandi and Avneet Kaur  
  • Population dynamics of whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius), as influenced by weather conditions infesting Bt cotton hybrid / Sanjeev Kumar Kataria, Raj Kumar Pal, Vineet Kumar and Paramjit Singh  
  • Developing fire danger models using logistic regression analysis for mid-hills of Himachal Pradesh / Divya Mehta, P.K. Baweja and R.K. Aggarwal