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The Journal of Agrometeorology (ISSN 0972-1665) , is a quarterly publication of Association of Agrometeorologists appearing in March, June, September and December. Since its beginning in 1999 till 2016, it was a half yearly publication appearing in June and December. In addition to regular issues, Association also brings out the special issues of the journal covering selected papers presented in seminar symposia organized by the Association. The journal is being indexed in most of the scientific indexing services and has its increasing impact factor since 2008. The NAAS rating of the journal for year 2020 is 6.64

The journal publishes original articles, full length papers, short communications, and review articles in addition to invited papers in English only. The research contributions are published after peer review and approved by the Editorial Board. The authors are advised to prepare the manuscript as per guidelines to authors and submit for consideration for publication in the journal. It is mandatory for the authors to be member of Association of Agrometeorologists; however, becoming member does not guarantee the publication of paper in the journal. The journal can be subscribed by Libraries/Institutions annually by paying requisite amount of subscription fee.

Current Issue

Journal of Agrometeorology

Volume 22 (1) March, 2020

Research Paper

  • Impact of global warming (1.5ºC) on the productivity of selected C3 and C4 crops across Tamil Nadu. / R.GOWTHAM*, V.GEETHALAKSHMI, K.BHUVANESHWARI, A. SENTHIL, M. DHASARATHAN AROMAR REVI and AMIR BAZAZ  
  • Potential impact of future climate change on maize (Zea mays L.) under rainfed condition in central India / ROHIT PATIDAR, M. MOHANTY, NISHANT K. SINHA*, S.C. GUPTA, J. SOMASUNDARAM, R.S. CHAUDHARY, R. SOLIYA, K.M. HATI, M. PRABHAKAR, K. SAMMI REDDY, A.K. PATRA and SRINIVAS RAO CH  
  • Temperature based phenology model for predicting establishment and survival of Spodoptera litura (Fab.) on groundnut during climate change scenario in India / M. SRINIVASA RAO* and T.V. PRASAD  
  • The application of generalized additive models (GAMs) for assessing the teleconnection of ENSO and IOD with monsoon rainfall variability over Krishna river basin, India / MALLAPPA J. MADOLLI, UMESH MADOLLI, HUMA KOUSAR SANGRESKOP and GOUDA P.A.  
  • Modeling yield and backscatter using satellite derived biophysical variables of rice crop based on Artificial Neural Networks / MAHESH PALAKURU, SIRISHA ADAMALA and HARISH BABU BACHINA  
  • Trend analyses of regional time series of temperatures and rainfall of the Tapi basin / GANESH D. KALE  
  • Assessment of improving irrigation efficiency for tomatoes planted in greenhouses in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam / SEUNG KYU LEE, TRUONG AN, DANG and MY LINH THI NGO  
  • Influence of different organic mulches on soil hydrothermal and plant growth parameters in potato crop (Solanum tuberosum L.) / LALIT GOEL, VIJAY SHANKAR and R.K. SHARMA  
  • Short Communication

  • Influence of weather on pokkah boeng disease in sugarcane under North-West Alluvial Plains (Zone I) of Bihar / MD. MINNATULLAH, HARI CHAND, SUDHIR PASWAN and S.P. SINGH  
  • Temporal progress and spatial distribution of phytophthora blight of pigeonpea in Deccan plateau of India / JADESHA G., MAMTA SHARMA, NARAYAN REDDY and RAMESHWAR TELANGRE  
  • Modeling of rice crop biomass using Sentinel-1 backscatter coefficients: A case study over Nawagam, Gujarat / DEVANSH DESAI, ANKITA MANDOWARA and RAHUL NIGAM  
  • Correlation of soil temperature and moisture with burrow dimensions of Indian gerbil (Tatera indica)in loamy-sand soil of Punjab / ABHA SHARMA and RAJWINDER SINGH  
  • Effect of row direction, sowing date and mulching on the microclimate of rabi maize under Namsai region of Arunachal Pradesh / SURYA PRAKASH SINGH, S.R. MISHRA, A.K. JENA and RIMI DEURI  
  • Effect of meteorological parameters on population dynamics of thrips (Thrips tabaci Lindeman) in bulb onion / V. KARUPPAIAH, P.S. SOUMIA, A. THANGASAMY, V. MAHAJAN and MAJOR SINGH  
  • Assessment of efficient crop planting calendar for cassava crops using the FAO-Aqua crop model / SEUNG KYU LEE and TRUONG AN DANG  
  • Crop water requirement estimation using pan evaporimeter for high density apple plantation system in Kashmir region of India / RAFIYA MUSHTAQ, M.K. SHARMA, LATIEF AHMAD, BAL KRISHNA, KHALID MUSHTAQ and J. I. MIR  
  • Effect of weather parameters on rice yellow stem borer Scirpophagain certulas (walker) population dynamics under shallow low land ecology / GURU-PIRASANNA-PANDI G., ANNAMALAI M., BASANA GOWDA, N.K. PATIL, PRASANTHIGOLIVE, TOTAN ADAK,P.C. RATH and MAYABINI JENA  
  • Variability in meteorological parameters during kharif season and its impact on rice crop at Ludhiana, Punjab, India / KARUNA and L.K. DHALIWAL  
  • Development of forewarning model for fig stem borer (Batoceraru fomaculata De Geer) in Maharashtra state / A.R.WALUNJ, V.B.AKASHE, V.R. JOSHI, J.D. JADHAV and D.S.POKHARKAR