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 Journal of Agrometeorology

The Journal of Agrometeorology (ISSN 0972-1665) , is a quarterly publication of Association of Agrometeorologists appearing in March, June, September and December. Since its beginning in 1999 till 2016, it was a half yearly publication appearing in June and December. In addition to regular issues, Association also brings out the special issues of the journal covering selected papers presented in seminar symposia organized by the Association. The journal is being indexed in most of the scientific indexing services and has its increasing impact factor since 2008. The NAAS rating of the journal for year 2020 is 6.64

The journal publishes original articles, full length papers, short communications, and review articles in addition to invited papers in English only. The research contributions are published after peer review and approved by the Editorial Board. The authors are advised to prepare the manuscript as per guidelines to authors and submit for consideration for publication in the journal. It is mandatory for the authors to be member of Association of Agrometeorologists; however, becoming member does not guarantee the publication of paper in the journal. The journal can be subscribed by Libraries/Institutions annually by paying requisite amount of subscription fee.

Current Issue

Journal of Agrometeorology

Volume 22 (2) June , 2020

Research Paper

  • Effect of elevated CO2 and temperature on growth and yield of winter rice under Jorhat condition / PARISHMITA DAS, R. L. DEKA, J. GOSWAMI and SMRITA BARUA  
  • Effect of elevated CO2 and temperature on thermal constants and lower threshold temperatures of maize aphid, Rhopalosiphum maidis (Fitch.) (Aphididae:Hemiptera) on maize, Zea mays (Linn.) / D.MOUNICA, P.V. KRISHNAYYA, M. SRINIVASA RAO, A.K. PATIBANDA and V. SRINIVASA RAO  
  • Effect of weather variability on growth and yield of wheat crop under semi-arid region of India / ANANTA VASHISTH, AVINASH GOYAL and P. KRISHANAN  
  • Performance of mustard (Brassica juncea L.) varieties under Azadirachta indica L. shade and open condition in hot-arid region of Rajasthan / MANOHAR LAL, SHEILENDRA KUMAR, S.M. KUMAWAT, R.S. YADAV and S.K.KHARIA  
  • Effect of plant bio-regulators on photosynthesis, growth and yield efficiency of pear trained on Y-trellis system / SHUBHKIRAN KAUR, MANDEEP SINGH GILL, P.P.S. GILL and NAV PREM SINGH  
  • Weather relation of rice-grass pea crop sequence in Indian Sundarbans / SUKAMAL SARKAR, ARGHA GHOSH, KOUSHIK BRAHMACHARI, KRISHNENDU RAY, MANOJ KUMAR NANDA and DEBOLINA SARKAR  
  • Evaluating temperature thresholds and optimizing sowing dates of wheat in Bihar / ABDUS SATTAR, GULAB SINGH, SHRUTI V. SINGH, MAHESH KUMAR, P. VIJAYA KUMAR and S.K. BAL  
  • Impact of seasonal climatic variability on rice yield in Bangladesh / JAIONTO KARMOKAR, M. AMINUL ISLAM, M. RAKIB HASSAN, and M.M.BILLAH  
  • Determination of crop-coefficients and estimation of evapotranspiration of rapeseed using lysimeter and different reference evapotranspiration models / ABHIJIT SARMA and KRISHNA BHARADWAJ  
  • Comparative assessment of evapotranspiration in Bhima sub-basin using spatial analysis for normal and ENSO years / DIGAMBAR S. LONDHE and YASHWANT B. KATPATAL  
  • Projections of CMIP5 evaporation data sets under future climate change scenarios and comparison with estimates from the observations over peninsular India / G. PURNA DURGA, A. NAGA RAJESH and T.V. LAKSHMI KUMAR  
  • Sensitivity of wheat yields to rise in growing season temperature: Evidences from panel data analysis / K. PHILIP, S.S. ASHA DEVI, G.K. JHA, B.M.K. RAJU, B.SEN, A. ALI and J. KUMARI  
  • Progress and severity of early blight of tomato in relation to weather variables in Jammu province / VISHAL GUPTA, V.K. RAZDAN, SATISH SHARMA and KAUSAR FATIMA  
  • Short Communication

  • Standardized precipitation index (SPI) for drought severity assessment of Almora, Uttarakhand, India / S.C. PANDAY, ASHISH KUMAR, VIJAY SINGH MEENA*, KUSHAGRA JOSHI, J. STANLEY and A.PATTANAYAK  
  • Effect of leaf wetness and soil temperatures on pea rust development caused by Uromyces viciae-fabae (Pers.) de Bary / P.E. MORE, C.D. DEOKAR and B.M. ILHE  
  • Effect of weather parameters on the incidence of Parotis marginata (Hampson) (Crambidae: Lepidoptera); an emerging threat to crape jasmine, Tabernaemontana divaricata (L.) / ATANU SENI  
  • Extreme rainfall trends over Chhattisgarh state of India / HEMANT KUMAR SINHA, N. MANIKANDAN, J.L. CHAUDHARY and SAHDEV NAG  
  • Assessment of reference evapotranspiration using ANN at Mulde, Maharashtra / P.M. INGLE and R.C. PUROHIT  
  • Computation of reference evapotranspiration, its variability and trends in different agroclimatic regions of Punjab / P.K. KINGRA, S. AATRALARASI, RAJ SETIA, S.S. KUKAL and SOM PAL SINGH  
  • Evaluation of cold wave events over Indo-Gangetic Plain in India / R. BHATLA, MANAS PANT, DHARMENDRA SINGH, SHRUTI VERMA and B. MANDAL