The Association of Agrometeorologists was formed at Anand, Gujarat, India in March 1999. Fifteen members formed 11-members executive council, opened an account with Central Bank of India, Anand, prepared byelaws and got it registered under Society and Trust registration act. The first Executive Council was as below;


Dr. A.M. Shekh, AAU, Anand

Vice Presidents

Dr. L.S. Rathore, NCMRWF, New Delhi
Dr. M.B. Savani, AAU, Anand


Dr Vyas Pandey, AAU, Anand

Joint Secretary

Dr. B. Bapuji Rao, ANGRAU, Anakapalle, A.P.


Dr. H.R. Patel, AAU, Anand


Mrs. Manjusha Kulshrestha, AAU,Anand.
Dr. G.B.Chaudhary, AAU, Anand.
Dr. Manoj Kumar, AAU, Anand.
Shri. R.B. Gajjar, AAU, Anand.
Dr. G. Srinivas Rao, Hyderabad