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Research Paper
1. Impact of climate change on sorghum productivity in India and its adaptation strategies  -  V. M. SANDEEP, V. U. M. RAO, B. BAPUJI RAO, G. BHARATHI1, V. P. PRAMOD, P. SANTHIBHUSHAN CHOWDARY, N.R. PATEL2, P.MUKESH3 and P. VIJAYA KUMAR Abstract Full Length
2. Climate change and potato productivity in Madhya Pradesh-Impact and adaptation  -  V.K. DUA, RADHIKA PATAHNIA, TANVI KAPOOR, JAGDEV SHARMA and ANCHAL RANA Abstract Full Length
3. Impact assessment of climate change on potato productivity in Assam using SUBSTOR-Potato model  -  B.GOSWAMI, R. HUSSAIN, P.V. KUMAR, U.S. SAIKIA and S. BANARJEE Abstract Full Length
4. Trends in water requirements of wheat crop under projected climates in India  -  V.P. PRAMOD, B. BAPUJI RAO, S.S.V.S. RAMAKRISHNA, V.M. SANDEEP, N. R. PATEL, M.A. SARATH CHANDRAN, V.U.M. RAO, P. SANTHIBHUSHAN CHOWDARY and P. VIJAYA KUMAR Abstract Full Length
5. Estimation of crop evapotranspiration and crop coefficients of rice (Oryza sativa L.) under low land condition  -  KISHOR MOTE, V.PRAVEEN RAO, K. AVIL KUMAR and V. RAMULU Abstract Full Length
6. Aerodynamic properties of green gram sown in different environments in Indo-Gangetic Plains of West Bengal  -  S. BASU, PRAMITI K. CHAKRABORTY, R. NATH and P.K. CHAKRABORTY Abstract Full Length
7. Comparing bias correction methods in downscaling meteorological variables for climate change impact study in Ludhiana, Punjab  -  MEHRAJ U DIN DAR, RAJAN AGGARWAL and SAMANPREET KAUR Abstract Full Length
8. Studies of weather effect on frog-eye spot disease in Bidi tobacco using logistics regression  -  K. R. JOSHI, D. J. PARMAR and Y. M. ROJASRA Abstract Full Length
9. Influence of sowing time and weather factors on seasonal dynamics of aphids in three wheat growing zones of India  -  SUBHASH KATARE, POONAM JASROTIA, S.D. PATIL, MD. WASIM REZA and M.S. SAHARAN Abstract Full Length
10. Effect of weather parameters on the seasonal dynamics of tobacco caterpillar, Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in castor in Telangana State  -  P. DURAIMURUGAN Abstract Full Length
11. Effect of temperature on germination and survival of Uromyces viciae fabae (Pers.) de Bary  -  P.E.MORE, C.D.DEOKAR and B.C.GAME Abstract Full Length
Short Communication
1. Effect of tillage, residue and nitrogen management on radiation interception and radiation use efficiency of wheat in a semi-arid environment  -  S. PRADHAN, K.K. BANDYOPADHYAY, P. PANIGRAHI and N. MANIKANDAN Full Length
2. Effect of abiotic factors on population dynamics of insect pests in tamarind tree  -  AVINASH KUMAR GUPTA Full Length
3. Influence of weather parameters on sex expression and flowering pattern of nutmeg (Myristica fragrans Houtt.)  -  S. AARTHI, SHARON ARAVIND, M. S. SHIVAKUMAR, J. REMA, K. KANDIANNAN and B. SASIKUMAR Full Length
4. El Niño and seasonal rainfall dynamics vis-à-vis food grain productivity in Himachal Pradesh  -  RAJENDRA PRASAD, ANUPAM SHARMA and RUCHI SOOD Full Length
5. Trend analysis and change point detection of rainfall of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, India  -  ABHISHEK M. WAGHAYE, Y. A. RAJWADE, R. D. RANDHE and NIDHI KUMARI Full Length
6. Regional level long-term rainfall variability assessment using Mann-Kendall test over the Odisha state of India  -  A. K. PRABHAKAR, K. K. SINGH, A. K. LOHANI Full Length
7. Temperature trends over Vaigai basin, Tamil Nadu  -  L.VIGNESH RAJKUMAR and M. KRISHNAVENI Full Length
8. Growing degree days and heat use efficiency of wheat as influenced by thermal and moisture regimes  -  EAJAZ AHMAD DAR, A S BRAR and ABRAR YOUSUF Full Length
9. Internet of Things-based approximation of sun radiative-evapotranspiration models  -  PARTHA PRATIM RAY Full Length
10. Influence of weather parameters on incidence of maize stem borer, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) in summer maize in Punjab, India  -  ASHWINDER K. DHALIWAL, D.S. BRAR, A.K. MAHAL and JAWALA JINDAL Full Length
11. Influence of weather parameters on the development of bacterial blight in cotton  -  S. L. BHATTIPROLU and D. MONGA Full Length
12. Rainfall variability over Jammu region in India  -  MAHENDER SINGH, CHARU SHARMA, LOBZANG STANZEN, ROHIT SHARMA and B.C.SHARMA Full Length