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Research Paper
1. Decrypting bio-molecular variability in small ruminants and antioxidants to combat bio-meteorological stress in semi-arid tropics  -  PRABHAT KUMAR PANKAJ, D.B.V. RAMANA, G. NIRMALA, K. RAVI SHANKAR and CH. SRINIVASA RAO Abstract Full Length
2. A study on sap flow rate of Mallotusphilippensis and its relationship with environmental factors  -  T. WATHAM, N.R. PATEL, S.P.S. KUSHWAHA and V. K. DADHWAL Abstract Full Length
3. Assessment of agroclimatic suitability of apple orchards in Himachal Pradesh under changing climate  -  JYOTI SINGH and N. R. PATEL Abstract Full Length
4. Relationship between spectral vegetation indices and crop parameters of maize under nitrogen and water stress  -  K. RAMACHANDIRAN and S. PAZHANIVELAN Abstract Full Length
5. Evaluation of DSSAT-CERES model for irrigation scheduling of wheat crop in Varanasi region of Uttar Pradesh  -  CHANDRABHAN PATEL, A.K. NEMA, R.S. SINGH, M.K. YADAV S.K. SINGH and SHIV MANGAL SINGH Abstract Full Length
6. Influence of rainfall features on barley yield in Sinana district of Ethiopia  -  FITSUM BEKELE, DIRIBA KORECHA and LISANEWORK NEGATU Abstract Full Length
7. Agroclimatic indices and phenology of pigeonpea [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.] in relation to its yield  -  SUKHPREET KAUR SIDHU, JAGMEET KAUR and INDERJIT SINGH Abstract Full Length
8. Crop weather relationship in preseasonal sugarcane (Var. CoM 0265)  -  P.M. CHAUDHARI, S.K. GHODKE, K.C. OMBASE, D.S. BHOITE, U.S. BARVE and S.M. PAWAR Abstract Full Length
9. Effect of sowing time on productivity and thermal utilization of mustard (Brassica juncea) under sub-tropical irrigated conditions of Jammu  -  MEENAKSHI GUPTA, CHARU SHARMA, RAJEEV SHARMA, VIKAS GUPTA and M. K. KHUSHU Abstract Full Length
10. Predicting the occurrence of A. craccivora using a degree day concept in lucerne  -  J. B. SINGH, PRADEEP SAXENA and PRADEEP BEHARI Abstract Full Length
11. Effect of weather factors on the population of Chaetocnema spp.,Monolepta signata Oliver and Aulacophora foveicollis (Lucas) on paddy under rainfed lowland conditions in Mizoram, India  -  T. BOOPATHI, S.B. SINGH, T. MANJU, S.K. DUTTA, S. SAHA, A.R. SINGH, Y. RAMAKRISHNA, SAMIK CHOWDHURY, LUNGMUANA, V. DAYAL and S.V. NGACHAN Abstract Full Length
Short Communication
1. Thermal use efficiency for determining optimum date of transplanting and water regime in Boro rice  -  PRAMITI K. CHAKRABORTY, S. SAMANTA, S. BANERJEE and A. MUKHERJEE Full Length
2. A comparative assessment of crop phenology, agrometeorological indices and yield of Bt and non-Bt cotton in Akola, Maharashtra  -  M. R. THAKUR, V. M. BHALE, B. M. MOTE and S. S. WANJARI Full Length
3. Determination of optimum water for groundnut (Archies Hypogea) on the basis of crop coefficient in saline environment  -  S.M.PANDYA and R.SUBBAIAH Full Length
4. Spatio-temporal trends and change point detection in the rainfall in different parts of North-eastern Indian states  -  D. CHAKRABORTY, S. SAHA, R. K. SINGH, B. K. SETHY, A. KUMAR, U. S. SAIKIA, S. K. DAS, B. MAKDOH, T. R. BORAH, A. NOMITA CHANU, I. WALLING, P.S. ROLLING ANAL, S. CHOWDHURY and D. DASCHAUDHURI Full Length
5. Thermal requirements and heat use efficiency of Indian mustard varieties under different environment  -  P.K. TYAGI Full Length
6. Forecasting the maize yield in Himachal Pradesh using climatic variables  -  MANMOHAN SINGH*and SANGITA SHARMA Full Length
7. Estimation of crop coefficient for rice and wheat crops at Ludhiana  -  JASPINDER KAUR, K.K. GILL, SAMANPREET KAUR and RAJAN AGGARWAL Full Length
8. Modified Hargreaves equation for estimation of weekly reference evapotranspiration for Junagadh  -  K. N. VYAS and R. SUBBAIAH Full Length
9. Water resources planning and management using probability distribution  -  S. K. CHANDNIHA, M. L. KANSAL and P. K. MISHRA Full Length
10. Effect of weather parameters on seasonal abundance of brinjal shoot and fruit borer in south Gujarat  -  D.S.MUTKULE, Z.P.PATEL, L.V.GHETIYA, SUSHEEL SINGH and B. M. MOTE Full Length
11. Effect of meteorological parameters on abundance of mirid bug, Nesidiocoris cruentatus (Ballard) (Hemiptera:Miridae): An emerging insect pest of bottle gourd  -  JAYDEEP HALDER, DEEPAK KUSHWAHA, DIBYENDU DEB, and A.B.RAI Full Length
12. Impact of solar eclipse on sugarcane crop  -  A. K. SHRIVASTAVA, VARUCHA MISRA, A. K. SRIVASTAVA and S.P. SHUKLA Full Length
13. On the phenological aspects of rice in reduction of its yield under global warming  -  S. VENKATARAMAN Full Length