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VOL. 21(1) MARCH 2019 VOL. 21(2) JUNE 2019
VOL. 21(1) MARCH 2019
Research Paper
1. Effect of elevated CO2 and temperature on crop growth and yield attributes of bell pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)  -  MEENA KUMARI, S.C. VERMA and S.K. BHARDWAJ Abstract Full Length
2. Effect of elevated CO2 and temperature on growth and yield contributing parameters of pea (Pisum sativum L.) crop  -  MEENA KUMARI, S.C. VERMA and S.K. BHARDWAJ Abstract Full Length
3. Microclimate suitability for green and coloured sweet pepper hybrids in open and protected structures in sub-tropical humid climate of West Bengal  -  MALAY K. SAMANTA* and PRANAB HAZRA Abstract Full Length
4. Irrigation water requirement of rice in Long Xuyen Quadrangle area, Vietnam in the context of climate change  -  SEUNG KYU, LEE and TRUONG AN, DANG Abstract Full Length
5. Predicting impact of climate change on habitat suitability of guava fruit fly, Bactrocera correcta (Bezzi) using MaxEnt modeling in India  -  JAIPAL S. CHOUDHARY*, MADHUMITA KUMARI, SANTOSH S. MALI, MAHESH K. DHAKAR, BIKASH DAS, ARUN K. SINGH and BHAGWATI P. BHATT Abstract Full Length
6. Variability and trend analysis of precipitation during 1961-2015 in Southwest Guizhou Autonomous Prefecture (SGAP), China  -  YANG XU, SHAO XIAOHOU*, MAO XINYU, LI MINHUI, LI XIUNENG and LI RONGQI Abstract Full Length
7. Heat unit requirement of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under different thermal and moisture regimes  -  HIMANI BISHT, D.K. SINGH, SHALOO, A.K. MISHRA, A. SARANGI, V.K. PRAJAPATI, MAN SINGH and P. KRISHNAN Abstract Full Length
8. Effect of mulching, row direction and spacing on microclimate and wheat yield at Ludhiana  -  L.K. DHALIWAL, G.S. BUTTAR, P.K. KINGRA, SUKHVIR SINGH and SUKHJEET KAUR Abstract Full Length
9. Effect of sowing date, irrigation and mulch on thermal time requirement and heat use efficiency of maize (Zea mays L.)  -  HARLEEN KAUR, P.K. KINGRA and SOM PAL SINGH Abstract Full Length
10. Influence of cutting management on photosynthetic parameters, heat use efficiency and productivity of barley (Hordium vulgare L.) under variable sowing dates  -  BALWINDER S. DHILLON* and R.S. UPPAL Abstract Full Length
11. Soil moisture retrieval under wheat crop using RISAT-1 hybrid polarimetric SAR data  -  P.K. SHARMA*, D. KUMAR, H. S. SRIVASTAVA, P. PATEL and T. SIVASANKAR Abstract Full Length
12. Trends in evapotranspiration and water productivity of rice and wheat in different agroclimatic regions of Punjab, India  -  P. K.KINGRA, S. S.KUKAL and SOM PAL SINGH Abstract Full Length
13. Forewarning of incidence of Spodoptera litura (Tobacco caterpillar) in soybean and cotton using statistical and synoptic approach  -  N. CHATTOPADHYAY, R. BALASUBRAMANIAM, S.D. ATTRI, KAMALJEET RAY, GRACY JOHN, S. KHEDIKAR and C. KARMAKAR Abstract Full Length
14. Influence of weather variables on the development of pearl millet downy mildew  -  ASHLESHA ATRI*and HARPREET SINGH Abstract Full Length
15. Effect of dietary supplementation of astaxanthin (potent antioxidant) on growth rate, DMI, FCR and metabolic changes in Karan Fries heifers during heat stress  -  SUNIL KUMAR,* S.V. SINGH and S.C. BHAN Abstract Full Length
Short Communication
1. Effect of weather on yield, heat and water use efficiency of wheat crop in a semi-arid environment  -  RACHANA DUBEY*, HIMANSHU PATHAK, SANATAN PRADHAN, BIDISHA CHAKRABARTI and N. MANIKANDAN Full Length
2. Effect of resource conservation technologies (RCT’s) on yield and water productivity of wheat (Triticum aertivum L.) under vertisols of Tungabhadra project command area of Karnataka  -  R. H. RAJKUMAR*, A.T. DANDEKAR, S.R. ANAND, J. VISHWANTHA, A.V.KAREGOUDAR and P.H. KUCHNUR Full Length
3. Heat tolerant wheat genotypes for late sown conditions identified on the basis of physiological traits  -  POOJA and RENU MUNJAL Full Length
4. Rice yield prediction in lower Gangetic Plain of India through multivariate approach and multiple regression analysis  -  RIA BISWAS* and B. BHATTACHARYYA Full Length
5. Derivation of land surface temperature using satellite imagery and its relationship with vegetation index  -  H. V. PARMAR* and N. K. GONTIA Full Length
6. Modeling the land surface temperature using thermal remote sensing at Godhra, Gujarat  -  SANJAY H. PARMAR; MUKESH K. TIWARI, DIGVIJAYSINH L. PARGI, NIRAV K. PAMPANIYA and NIRAV V. RAJANI Full Length
7. Effect of meteorological factors on rust severity of pea at Rahuri, Maharashtra  -  P.E.MORE*, C.D.DEOKAR and V.K.BHALERAO Full Length
8. Rainfall probability analysis for crop planning in Allahabad district of eastern Uttar Pradesh  -  SHAILENDRA BANJARE, SHRADDHA RAWAT and SHWETA GAUTAM Full Length
9. Biotic indicators as weather predictors in Wayanad district of Kerala  -  R. ANJU * and BINOO P. BONNY Full Length
10. Effect of weather parameters on population build up of spotted pod borer, Maruca vitrata (Geyer) on pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L) Millsp.)  -  R. SUNITHA DEVI, S. G. MAHADEVAPPA and D. RAJI REDDY Full Length