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VOL. 20 (3), SEPTEMBER 2018
Research Paper
1. Usability of estimated soil moisture derived from gridded rainfall in agricultural operations  -  N. CHATTOPADHYAY*, K.MALATHI, N. TIDKE and S.D.ATTRI Abstract Full Length
2. Spatio - temporal changes in NDVI and rainfall over Western Rajasthan and Gujarat region of India  -  KOYEL SUR* RUCHA DAVE and PRAKASH CHAUHAN Abstract Full Length
3. Influence of organic mulches and irrigation levels on growth, yield and water use efficiency of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.)  -  D.T.MESHRAM*, S.D. GORANTIWAR, JYOTSANA SHARMA and K.D.BABU Abstract Full Length
4. Physiological response of soybean (Glycine max) as influenced by integrated nutrient management practices  -  *VISHAKHA B. POHARE, D.W. THAWAL and A.B. KAMBLE Abstract Full Length
5. Evaluation of APSIM – Maize model under different sowing dates at Samaru, Nigeria  -  A.M. YAMUSA* and F.M.AKINSEYE Abstract Full Length
6. Impact of projected climate on yield of soybean using CROPGRO-Soybean model in Madhya Pradesh  -  L.D.WALIKAR, MANISH BHAN*, A. K. GIRI, A. K. DUBEY and K. K. AGRAWAL Abstract Full Length
7. Assessment of climate change impact on wheat crop using MarkSim GCM in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh  -  C. PATEL*, A.K. NEMA, R.S. SINGH, M.K. YADAV, K.K. SINGH, S.K. SINGH, P.K. RAI and S.M. SINGH Abstract Full Length
8. Effects of change in temperature and CO2 concentration on summer groundnut in middle Gujarat- A simulation study  -  B.M. MOTE, VYAS PANDEY and D. D. PATIL Abstract Full Length
9. Quantification of weather relationship with seed vigour development and germination percentage in desi cotton (Gossypium arboreum L.)  -  SUNAYANA*, R.S.SANGWAN, R. NIWAS, SOMVEER NIMBAL, V.S. MOR and SUKHDEEP SINGH SIVIA Abstract Full Length
10. Abundance, infestation and disease transmission by thrips on groundnut as influenced by climatic variability at Kadiri, Andhra Pradesh  -  S. VENNILA*, RANJIT KUMAR PAUL, M.N. BHAT1, S.K. YADAV, K. VEMANA3, E. CHANDRAYUDU, S. NISAR, MURARI KUMAR, ANKUR TOMAR, M.SRINIVASA RAO and M. PRABHAKAR Abstract Full Length
11. Population dynamics of insect pests on short duration pigeon pea in relation to weather parameters  -  SURESH M. NEBAPURE, D. SAGAR and SUBHASH CHANDER Abstract Full Length
12. Development of mathematical models for predicting vapour pressure deficit inside a greenhouse from internal and external climate  -  MAHESH CHAND SINGH*, J. P. SINGH and K. G. SINGH Abstract Full Length
Short Communication
1. Irrigation needs and yields of wheat under global warming  -  S.VENKATARAMAN Full Length
2. Thermal requirement of small millets in Chhattisgarh plateau under rainfed cropping situation  -  ADIKANT PRADHAN, S. K. NAG and S.C. MUKHERJEE Full Length
3. Influence of sowing time and planting geometry on yield and radiation use efficiency of various rapeseed-mustard cultivars  -  JAGJEEWAN SINGH1, SOM PAL SINGH and P K KINGRA Full Length
4. Thermal requirement of different rice cultivars as influenced by planting methods and water regimes  -  IPSITA KAR*, AMIT MISHRA and BASUDEV BEHERA Full Length
5. Effect of climate variation on apple scab occurrence in Himachal Pradesh  -  I. M. SHARMA* and D. P. BHANDARI Full Length
6. Effect of weather parameters on population dynamics of Coccinellids on different crop ecosystems  -  BIWASH GURUNG, PONNUSAMY N. and SUPRAKASH PAL Full Length
7. Influence of different abiotic factors on the incidence of major insect pests of rice (Oryza sativa L.)  -  ATANU SENI* and BHIMASEN NAIK Full Length
8. Progress and severity of cotton rust in relation to weather parameters in Andhra Pradesh  -  S. L. BHATTIPROLU* and D. MONGA Full Length
9. Trend of chilling hours over north-west India  -  MOHAN SINGH*, RAM NIWAS and AK GODARA Full Length
10. Rainfall trend analysis in north-west India  -  MOHAN SINGH*, RAM NIWAS and ANURAG Full Length