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Research Paper
1. The discomfort levels in Gujarat-A comparison of different thermal stress indices  -  VYAS PANDEY Abstract Full Length
2. Impact of temperature variability and management interventions on productivity of wheat  -  B.B. VASHISHT and S.K. JALOTA Abstract Full Length
3. Influence of foliar application of boron and TIBA on photosynthetic parameters vis-a-vis productivity of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) under variable sowing dates  -  BUTA SINGH DHILLON, P. K. SHARMA and V. SARDANA Abstract Full Length
4. Effect of intra-seasonal variation in temperature on tuber yield of potato in middle Gujarat using SUBSTOR model  -  D. D. PATIL, VYAS PANDEY, R. R. ACHARYA and L. N. BARAIYA Abstract Full Length
5. Impact of temperature increase on performance of kharif rice at Kalyani, West Bengal using WOFOST model  -  RIA BISWAS, SAON BANERJEE and BANJUL BHATTACHARYYA Abstract Full Length
6. Agro-meteorological indices of aromatic rose (Rosa damascena Mill.) influenced by pruning time in the western Himalayas  -  MEENAKSHI THAKUR and RAKESH KUMAR Abstract Full Length
7. Thermal regimes: The key to phenological dynamics and productivity of fababean (Vicia faba L.)  -  VED PRAKASH*, A.K.SINGH, RAKESH KUMAR, J.S.MISHRA, SANTOSH KUMAR, S.K.DWIVEDI, K.K.RAO, S.K.SAMAL and B.P.BHATT Abstract Full Length
8. Traits of significance for screening of chickpea (Cicerarietinum L.) genotypes under terminal drought stress  -  PARDEEP KUMAR, K.S. BOORA, NEERAJ KUMAR, RITU BATRA, K.D. SHARMA and R.C. YADAV Abstract Full Length
9. Effect of weather factors on population fluctuations of mustard aphid (Lipaphis erysimi Kaltenbach) using path co-efficient analysis  -  R.L. KALASARIYA and K.D.PARMAR Abstract Full Length
10. Application of growing degree days for mango hopper population dynamics at Lucknow, U.P.  -  GUNDAPPA, TARUN ADAK and P.K. SHUKLA Abstract Full Length
11. Effect of meteorological parameters on incidence of brown leaf spot in rice crop under different planting methods  -  L.K. DHALIWAL, SARABJOT KAUR SANDHU, SUKHJEET KAUR and SUKHVIR SINGH Abstract Full Length
12. Effect of weather parameters on incidence of insect pests of cucumber in eastern Bihar  -  TAMOGHNA SAHA, NITHYA CHANDRAN, SUNIL KUMAR and KIRAN KUMARI Abstract Full Length
13. Statistical forewarning models for sucking pests of cotton in Maharashtra  -  AMRENDER KUMAR, P.W. NEMADE, RAKHEE SHARMA, R. K TANWAR, C. CHATTOPADHYAY, S.S. WANJARI and T.H. RATHOD Abstract Full Length
14. Yield forecasting of wheat and mustard for western Uttar Pradesh using statistical model  -  SMITA GUPTA, AJIT SINGH, ASHOK KUMAR, U.P.SHAHI, NISHANT K SINHA and SUMANA ROY Abstract Full Length
Short Communication
1. Effect of temperature on phenology and yield of rapeseed in mid hill region of Himachal Pradesh  -  RAJENDRA PRASAD, VEDNA KUMARI, ANUPAM SHARMA and RUCHI SOOD Full Length
2. Simulating the yield attributes of Boro rice under nitrogen and irrigation management at Mohanpur, West Bengal using ORYZA2000  -  DEBJYOTI MAJUMDER and LALU DAS Full Length
3. Variability and trends of sultry in Hormozgan province in Iran  -  SOHRAB GHAEDI Full Length
4. Long-term changes in monsoon rainfall patterns over arid region of India  -  S. D. ATTRI, VIRENDRA SINGH and NARESH KUMAR Full Length
5. Trends of rainfall and temperature in Konkan region of Maharashtra  -  S. H. JEDHE, U. S. KADAM1, M. S. MANE, D. M. MAHALE, S. B. NANDGUDE and R. T. THOKAL Full Length
6. Effect of weather parameters on population dynamics of aphid, Aphis odinae (van der Goot) (Hemiptera: Aphididae) on cashew in Goa  -  R. MARUTHADURAI Full Length
7. Population dynamics of shoot and fruit borer of okra in relation to abiotic factor at Pantnagar  -  RAJVEER, V.K. MISHRA, DEEPIKA CHAUHAN, G.R.YADAV and R.S.BISHT Full Length