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Seventh National Symposium “AGMET-2016”

“Climate driven Food Production systems : Agrometeorological Interventions” proposed to be held at TNAU, Coimbatore during 20-22 December 2016

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Second International seminar

“New-Dimensions in Agrometeorology for Sustainable Agriculture” (NASA-2014) was held at GBPUAT, Pantanagar during October 9-11, 2014.

Sixth National Seminar

“Climate change and Indian agriculture: Slicing down the uncertainties" was held at CRIDA, Hyderabad during 22- 23 January, 2013”


Fifth National Seminar

“Agrometeorological Research and Services for Combating Climate Change Challenges” was held at BCKV, Kalyani, WB during 9-10 December 2011


Fourth National Seminar

"Agrometeorology Needs, Approaches and Linkages for rural Development" was held at CCSHAU, Hisar during 26-27 November, 2009.

Abstracts and Souvenir.
Proceedings (Journal of Agrometeorology, Vol 11 Spl Issue- 2009) .

Third National Seminar

"Agrometeorological Services for Farmers" was held at AAU, Anand during 10-13 November, 2008.

First International Symposium

"Agrometeorology and Food Security" (INSAFS) was held at CRIDA, Hyderabad during 18-21 February, 2008.

Second National Seminar

"Agrometeorology in New Millennium- Prospectives & Challenges" was held at PAU Ludhiana during 29-31 October, 2003.

First National Seminar

"Agrometeorological Research for Sustainable Agricultural Production" was held at Gujarat Agricultural University, Anand, during 27-28 September, 2001.