Broad Themes of the Symposium

I.        Weather and Climate Services for Agriculture

II.       Monsoon Variability and Predictability

III.      Climate Variability and Change: Projections, Impacts and interventions for agroecosystems

IV.      Agrometeorological information and Geospatial Decision Support Systems

V.       Risk transfer: Weather and Crop Insurance

VI.      Post-harvest management and agricultural marketing

VII.     Biotic and Abiotic Stress Management in Agriculture

VIII.    Perspectives of Agrometeorological advisories

IX.      Crop Modelling and Forecasting

X.       Water Cycle and Water Use Efficiency for Agriculture

XI.      Industry Interface for Expanding Agrometeorological Services

XII.     Interventions for Livestock, Poultry and Fisheries management

The technical sessions will comprise of keynote addresses, plenary talks, lead talks, oral scientific presentations, panel discussions and poster sessions.The keynote addresses, plenary and lead talks will be by invitation.