Eightteenth annual report 2016-17

General Body Meeting

The General Body meeting of the Association was held at TNAU on 21st December 2016 at 1700 hrs. The audit and annual report for year 2015-16 were presented by the Secretary and treasurer which were approved by the House. General body appointed Dr V Geethalakshmi as Returning Officer to elect New Executive Council for year 2017-2019. It was also decided that the election may be conducted through e-voting. Dr Ga Dheebakaran was appointed to assist the Returning Officer in conducting election through E-Voting. The results were declared on 21st March 2017.

Executive Council

During the year under report the EC communicated through email and also met on 30th April 2016 at CRIDA Hyderabad and 21st December 2016 at TNAU Coimbatore to transect the business. EC expressed its gratitude to Prof B V Ramana Rao for donating Rs.1,00,000/ for instituting an award in his favour for Best Paper published in the field of Agricultural Meteorology by an Indian Scientist. EC approved acronym of AGMET for the national seminar organized by the Association. It also approved the names of various awards and felicitation of scientists. The newly elected members are;
President : Dr. Akhilesh Gupta
Vice Presidents : 1. Dr. Surender Singh
2. Dr. J.D. Jadhav
Secretary : Dr Vyas Pandey, AAU, Anand
Jt Secretary : Dr. Rani Saxena
Treasurer : Ms. Rucha Dave, AAU, Anand
Members : 1. Dr. B.Ajithkumar
2. Dr. K.K.Singh
3. Dr. Mahender Singh
4.Dr. Sandeep Singh Sandhu
5. Dr. K.K. Dakhore

Enrollment of Members

During the year 2016-2017, 71-life members were enrolled with Association. Thus the total number of life memberships increased up to 1179 by the end of March 2016. A total of 106 annual members were enrolled during the year 2016.Association has prepared certificates of Life Members and sent the same to all through email.

Organization of seminar

The national seminar AGMET-2016 on “Climate driven Food production system- Agrometeorological interventions” was held at TNAU Coimbatore during 20-22 December 2017. Seminar was attended by 153 senior and junior scientists including PG students. Dr L A Ramdas Memorial Lecture was delivered by Prof B V Ramana Rao. In all, 230 papers were presented which included 182 oral and 48 poster presentations besides 9 Invited Lead talks on different themes of the seminar. During the inaugural function awards/certificate/mementos were presented to awardees of various awards instituted by the Association. Association also felicitated the retired scientists’ vis Dr S S Hundal, Dr R Jagganathan and Dr S K Tripathi. The event was sponsored by DST, ICAR, ISRO, MoES and NABARD etc. The selected papers of the seminar will be published in special issue of the Journal of Agrometeorology. Dr S. Panneerselvam and his team of Agro-Climate Research Centre, TNAU, Coimbatore deserve due credit for successful organization of the seminar. The next national seminar “AGMET 2017” was proposed at CCSHAU, Hisar and international seminar at PAU Ludhiana in 2018.

Financial Status

As per account report, subject to audit, for year 2015-2016, the total income was Rs.13,81,622/- and the total expenditure was Rs.10,88,821/- giving a surplus of Rs.2,92,801/- A sum of Rs.29,14,000./- has been kept as fixed deposit with Central Bank of India which include FD for various awards and memorial lectures. For organising seminar at Coimbatore Rs.7.00 lakh was received from ICAR/DST/MoES/ISRO. NABARD is contributing Rs 1 lakh towards proceedings.


A committee comprising of Prof B. V. Ramana Rao, Dr. O. P. Bishnoi and Dr. A. M. Shekh was formed to evaluate the applications received for various awards for year 2014, 2015 and 2016 which could not be finalized earlier due to one or other reason. The members sit for two days at Anand and finalized the various awards

1. Dr P D Mistry award for the Best Ph D thesis in Agril Meteorology
For year 2014, four theses were received out of which thesis of S K Mishra of AAU, Anand was adjudged as the best one.
For year 2015, only one thesis was received which was not upto the mark for the award. For year 2016, two theses were received out of which the thesis of Abdus Sattar of BCKV Mohanpur was recommended for the award.
2. Prof P S N Sastry award for the Best M. Sc. thesis in Agril Meteorology

For year 2014, out of five theses received, the thesis of Harleen Kaur of PAU Ludhiana was recommended for the award. For year 2015, out of three received, the thesis of Rashmi Mehta of AAU, Anand was recommended for the award. For year 2016, out of eight theses received, the thesis of Karabonia of VNMAU Parbhani was recommended for the award.

3. Dr S Venktaraman Young Scientist Award

For year 2014, 2015 and 2016 Four applications were received. Only Dr Neeraj Kumar could qualify for awards for year 2016.

4. Dr S Venktaraman Best Paper Award

Amongst the applications received, the paper entitled “Influence of weather parameter and different host plant nutrition sources on development of early blight of Tomato predicted using Logistic and Gompertz model” by Poly Saha and Srikantha Das. J Mycol Plant Pathol, Vol 44, No.2, 2014 was adjudged as the best one.

Fellows/Honorary Fellows

Among five applications received for fellow, Dr P Vijayakumar was elected as Fellow of Association of Agrometeorologists for year 2016.

Publication of Journal of Agrometeorology

Journal of Agrometeorology is published twice in a year appearing in June and December. The journal is well appreciated by National and International organizations. It is being indexed by CAB International, Current contents, INSDOC, Scopus, AGRICOLA and others indexing agencies. During 2016, 224 papers were received, including 05 papers from foreign countries, 45 papers were published /accepted, 78 papers were rejected and rests are under the process of revision. The Journal is rated by NAAS as 6.36 for year 2017 which is one of the best Indian Journals.

Best papers published in Journal of Agrometeorology
For year 2012 and 2013, following three papers were recommended

1. Weather based forewarning model for Alternaria leaf spot of safflower in scarcity zone of Maharashtra. by Murumkar et al, Journal of Agrometeorology (2013), Vol. 15(1): 66-70
2. Reference evapotranspiration over India: a comparison of estimates from open pan with PenmanMonteith method. By Bapuji Rao et al, Journal of Agrometeorology (2013), Vol. 15(2): 108-114.
3. Comparison of different models for estimation of net primary productivity in India. By Pranuthi et al, Journal of Agrometeorology (2012), Vol. 14(2): 105-110.

For year 2014 and 2015, following two papers were recommended

1. Biometeorological aspects of conception rates in cattle. Shradha Rawat et al, Journal of Agrometeorology (2014), Vol. 16(1): 116-120.
2. Yield and duration of potato crop in Bihar under projected climate scenario. By Abdul Haris et al, Journal of Agrometeorology (2015), Vol. 17(1): 67-73.

Web Page of the Association

Association has its website with new domain name www.agrimetassociation.org. It has been made a dynamic website. Member can view/edit/update their profile on the website. New members can also register/enroll on the website. All abstracts and full papers are available on website with search engine. Papers status is also updated frequently. All members are requested to visit the site and give their feed back for its further improvement to secretary.aam@gmail.com.

Vyas Pandey
Email: pandey04@yahoo.com